Last night I cried. Not a cutesy cry, but a full on snot out the nose, ugly cry.

It’s funny– when you are younger you come up with a timeline in your mind of how your life should go–at least I did. My timeline consisted mostly of when I would meet my husband, get engaged, get married, when I would have kids etc.  After previously forgoing that made up popped back in my head earlier this year, when for an instant I thought, I could still make my plan, my timeline, work for my life.

But God has a sense of humor. Every experience is a lesson learned, and I may not know  until it makes sense in the future, but I know my God is the all knowing, all powerful Lord, and nothing is too wonderful for him.

In today’s world, how easy it is to forget that simple sentence.  “Nothing is too wonderful for our Lord.”

A couple years ago, my best friend gave me a book called, I don’t wait anymore, saying, “I think you should read this.”  Well I started reading it, and stopped– it didn’t capture my attention, and I honestly wondered why she gave it to me to read.

I dont wait anymore

Well two days ago, something pulled me to start reading the book over again.  I read a chapter a night before bed.  Last night I was completely overwhelmed with the love of God to where I couldn’t stop crying.

This line put it into perspective:

“He knows the names of every star and every miscarried baby.  He tells the oceans where to stop, and He tells me how to get through my day.  He knows where each planet will travel, and He knows what will be on my mind when I lay my head on the pillow tonight.  And He cares.” page 32

To be known and loved by Him, despite every single one of my flaws can be hard for me to wrap my head around sometimes.

Last night, my heart was gleaming with happiness to know God’s love is so deep and infinite for each one of us.  I needed to be reminded of that beautiful glory.

I pray that I can let go of my timeline and picture of how I believe my life should go, and let my heart be open and accept what God’s will for my life is.

with Great Love,

Lauren 🙂


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