I bought myself flowers, as I normally do. While I was checking out, one of the lily bulbs fell off the bunch. The cashier looked at me with this “oh no” face and asked me if I still wanted the bulb or if she should throw it away.

I smiled and said, “You can put it in the bag.”

When I got home, I trimmed the stems, put my flowers in a vase. But that one bulb, I took a little bit more care for. I found a smaller vase and placed it near the natural light on the windowsill.

The individual bulb took a little bit longer to bloom than the rest of the flowers, but I never gave up hope. When it did blossom, the lily opened and filled the whole vase. It was beautiful.

Lily bulb bloom

Then I was reminded, God does the same for us. He hears our prayers and our pleas and knows when we are hurting.

We may be on a different path than the majority, but he still caring for us deeply, setting us aside, and giving us just what we need to blossom.

For the Lord tells us:

“I will be like the dew to Israel; Israel will blossom like a lily, growing roots like the cedars of Lebanon” -Hosea 14:5

Our Lord is here for you, prepping your individual vase, placing you on the windowsill, and checking on you daily. Things may not be going as planned, but keep your trust, faith and love in the Lord and you will not fail.

You will be beautiful, and you will blossom.

For it is written:

“He has made everything beautiful in its time” -Ecclesiastes 3:11


Lauren 🙂

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