Yesterday I jumped out of a fully functioning plane and LOVED it.

Skydiving has been on my bucket list for quite some time now, a good 10 years to be exact. A lot of life can happen in 10 years.

The weeks leading up to my birthday I like to reflect on the past year and pray about what it is I should focus on in my next 365 days.

God whispered to me,

“I want you to jump all in.”

The thoughts that followed included:

Free fall in love with God and His will for my life

Abandon my plan and thoughts of what I should be doing or have done by this point.

Just jump, figuratively, mentally and physically.



Trust. Faith. Love. Hope. Enjoyment. Childlike Laughter. Courage. Peace. Fun. Travel. Explore. FREE FALL.

Freely jump, and trust that God has you– He always has been there for you, and always will be there for you.

I’m not saying it won’t be terrifying looking at the world below you, as you’re about to leap and you might just have to keep screaming to remind yourself to breath;


but the view..nothing beats the view of this beautiful world as you’re floating down, putting all your faith in someone you just met, a parachute– and God.

God is there to embrace you with everything He has when we run to Him in thanksgiving, sadness, and celebration.

Nothing can stop me now, “For nothing will be impossible with God.” –Luke 1:37

This is 28.

Keep searching, keep your heart open and eyes peeled for God’s beauty in everything.
Explore every corner of the life God has blessed you with and dive in with self abandonment.


Lauren 🙂

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