Every year around my birthday, I evaluate my life, thinking– how can I better myself, how can I better those around me, how do I get closer to achieving  my life goals etc.

That’s when the thought of a challenge came up.  A challenge of better eating and positive thoughts for 31 days.

Better Eating Consist of 31 Day Challenge guidelines

31 Day Challenge guidelines

As you are fueling your body with the right ingredients, you also have to focus on positive thoughts.  I developed a Mantra Calendar to give you a positive thought each day of the challenge.  When things get hard, go back to your mantra– repeat it over and over in your head.  Our minds are so powerful.  We can achieve incredible things once we put our minds to it.

Mantra Calendar - 31 day challenge.png

Mantra Calendar – 31 day challenge

Seems easy enough, right?

I would love it if you joined me on the journey to better health and wellness.  Let’s be a support system to each other.

In faith, food, & fitness,

Lauren 🙂

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