As I am preparing for New Year’s Eve, trying to confirm plans—texting friends about “nye” I can’t help but notice my auto correct changing “nye” to “bye.”

Makes you think.  Bye is exactly right.  Bye to negative thoughts, bye to feeling that you aren’t enough, bye to putting yourself down, or wishing you looked a different way. Bye to everything holding you back from becoming the person God intends you to become.

The New Year is all about the hope and excitement of what’s to come.  So many times we have these grand plans for our lives, but we forget about the All Knowing, All Powerful God.  This year, I am praying and asking God what he wants for my life in 2018 and for guidance of how to make it happen.

I like to think every good thought that comes to mind is from God.


When thinking about what your New Year’s resolution should be—there is some key information to make your resolutions become reality.

Here is a little guidance for you, treat your resolutions like goals—you want them to be specific, measurable and attainable.  You have to ask yourself, what is the end goal you want to accomplish by the end of 2018 and how exactly are you going to make it happen.

Here are some okay, better and best examples to make resolutions:


  1. Stop cursing
  2. Be healthier
  3. Lose weight
  4. Be holier


  1. I will stop swearing when things don’t go my way
  2. I will start to eat healthier
  3. I will start to exercise more
  4. I will start to go to mass/church


  1. I will make a conscious effort to not curse by thinking before I speak and training my mind to avoid using swear words or any other words with negative meaning; every time I accidentally curse I will set aside $1 for the homeless or a charity of choice, etc.
  2. I will stop drinking soft drinks//soda by switching to LaCroix or other natural sparkling flavored waters; I will make an effort to consume fiber, healthy fats and protein every time I eat; I will challenge myself to eat at least one green vegetable a day; etc.
  3. I will join a community workout group and go to exercise classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday; I will get a personal trainer to learn proper techniques to weight lifting and go to the gym Tues and Thurs for 1 hour focusing on weight training; I will encourage my friends to do a workout class with me instead of happy hour; etc.
  4. I will go to mass/church every Sunday and Holy days of obligation; I will spend 10 minutes before I go to bed every night focusing on You, Lord- Thanking Him for the day; I will thank God throughout the day with every small//large win; etc.

When making specific, measurable and attainable resolutions//goals it is important to have a support system. I encourage you to tell your loved ones what your plans of resolutions are and ask them to hold you accountable. Also realize you can adjust your resolution throughout the year according to what is working and what’s not.

Don’t hesitate to contact me and ask questions!

Cheers to 2018, for Hope and a new light on life—to follow the path which God has chosen for you and me. 🙂


Lauren 🙂


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